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Once upon a piece of wood, I carved a skull and on it stood,
A fowl with feathers just as black as the night's plutonium shore—
Carved by hand and burned by fire, it can be yours if you desire,
Hang it for all to admire, hang it on your chamber door.
“what's it's called?" your visitors ask you “tell me, tell me, I implore!"
This piece is called "Nevermore."

Hand-carved, burned, and stained. Mounted onto a fabric backing and into a vintage frame. Ready to hang upon your chamber door... or anywhere you like really. Hanging it on a door might be weird.

Measures 20.5" x 18".

FREE SHIPPING IN THE U.S. If interested in having shipped outside of the US or to where other friends have flown before, please e-mail us at [email protected]

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